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Beulah London Blue Hearts

I saw both Kate and Pippa with a fabulous royal blue heart patterned scarf and quickly fired up the Google to get an identification on it.  Beulah London, a brand much beloved by the Duchess, makes these beautiful scarves as an awareness effort on an issue area close to my heart- human trafficking.  The proceeds of the Shibani collection (which includes scarves, clothing, tote bags, shoes, etc.) go to efforts combating one of the most heinous crimes still rampant throughout society.  I jumped online and quickly ordered both the scarf and the grey ballet flats on which they collaborated with my much-beloved French Sole (flats I later learned were also worn by Pippa).  Supporting efforts to end human trafficking is hugely important, and I couldn't recommend Beulah's efforts more!  If you would like to purchase any of the items in the Shibani collection, source links are pasted below.





Beulah London


French Sole x Beulah London









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