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Temperley Three Ways



I love a good frill.  Everything about styles reminiscent of the Victorian era- velvet trimmings, lacy details, girly patterning- gives that dreamy ethereal vibe.  When Kate wore a beautiful and delicate Temperley London Cypre Pointelle top to a BBC1 Radio event earlier this year, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  At a price tag north of $500, it was very much outside my budget when it finally became open to pre-sale.  


Flash forward to a few months later, and ShopBop was having their Friends and Family sale.  Even with the discount, it was still out of my price range.  I watched the site on my phone, seeing size after size disappear from the stock during the sale, and in slight disappointment, left my phone on the couch with my snoozing dog to focus on something else.


Later that night, my husband gets an email about suspicious activity from the bank.  The transaction in question?  ShopBop.  My ambitious little puppy decided he'd had enough of me dreaming about the top and with my automatic one-touch payment enabled, he'd placed the order when he walked over the open phone.


Despite frantically trying to stop the order, it had already shipped.  So a day later, I had the beautiful top in my hands, fully intending on returning it.  As fate would have it though, my monthly consignment check came in, coupled with a few successful eBay sales, making the top much less of a burden on my finances.  


So I kept it.


And I love it.


Lesson learned, though- puppies and open phones with one-touch Payment do not mix.  



During the time prior to Puppygate, I'd come up with a few much more affordable Replikate options, the first being from Target, seen below!  Their new A New Day line has a great alternative, and at $20, you can't go wrong!  You can find it here with all sizes still in stock!  The best part? It's machine washable!



The second option is for my international readers- John Lewis is carrying a similar top, below, that is also by Temperley, as a part of their Somerset line.  At £59, it's still on the more reasonable side, with shipping to many places around the world!  It's available here in Ivory with sizes UK 12-18 still in stock!



Which of the three is your favorite?





All opinions are my own, and no compensation was earned for these reviews.




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