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Meghan Markle's Skin Secret

I recently saw an article sharing Meghan Markle's favorite brand of skin care, Decleor, and since her skin always is radiant and glowing, even in the dry and cold temperatures of Toronto, I decided to give it a try.  I purchased the Decleor Aroma Nutrition Nourishing Rich Body Cream, her moisturizer of choice, and was first very pleased at the size for the price.


The volume is about 200ml (6.9 oz), so it should definitely last for a good while.  The packaging is pretty standard for a moisturizer, but interesting enough that I could display on my bathroom counter.  I appreciate that it was developed for dry skin (US East Coast in the late autumn-winter is brutal, especially since I already have pretty dry skin), and the scent of frankincense is very pleasing.  



I haven't used essential oils very much, but I noticed a difference when I first applied the cream- it absorbed nicely into my skin as opposed to just sitting on top.  It still created a barrier to lock in moisture (I applied it right after a shower and then again at night), which I appreciated.



As someone who is still (unfortunately) acne-prone, I was curious to see if this would aggravate or calm my uncooperative pores.  Happily, it was the former, and my acne scars faded a little with no new annoying bumps emerging.  The cream is rich and luxurious, and I can certainly see why it is one of Meghan's staples.  I am a huge fan of the product, and definitely want to incorporate some of their other skincare line into my daily routine.  Especially since the brand is lower in profile, it is definitely one to recommend!






All opinions are my own, and no compensation was earned for this review.


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