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International Women's Day



This is a little different than most posts that feature royal fashion or makeup.  Today's post is about a cause that is absolutely crucial in today's global society- human trafficking.  In law school, I did my capstone on human trafficking, and the stories from the survivors are some of the most horrific and harrowing.  I wanted to use today, International Women's Day, to shed some light on this issue, provide resources if you'd like to become involved, and share a campaign being run by Beulah London. 


Human trafficking is estimated to affect 40 million people around the world.  While most are women and girls, men and boys are also trafficked as well.  With wars happening in numerous countries, traffickers prey on refugees to turn a quick profit.  They don't see them as human beings with rights and dignity, they see them as property to buy and sell.


Love146 and You Can Free Us are two charities I'd like to highlight... both work to provide aftercare and social reintegration for survivors of trafficking.  Please take a few minutes of your day to learn about the important work they do.


Beulah London is also having a campaign today where 50% of the profits for every Shibani scarf sold goes to You Can Free Us.  The link to their website is here, and I previously wrote a post about the scarves, which you can read here.


Finally, I highly recommend the series "The Traffickers" with Nelufar Hadayat, an investigative journalist who traces trafficking from its sources along the various global commodity chains to see just how such atrocities are able to exist and flourish.  You can watch full episodes on Netflix or on Fusion, here.


I strongly encourage everyone to read and learn about this incredibly important issue area.  Knowledge is a starting point for change, and only with knowledge can we be the change we wish to see in the world.


With Love,






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